Friday, November 28, 2008

a THANKFUL trip to CVS

I met up with a new friend, Ashley at the Norco
CVS on Thursday morning for a lot of freebie
items, and totally scored. I think she did too.
I'll give a quick run down, and
then give you the totals.
the ones in blue are FREE after ECBs.
some of those I MADE money on since I had
great coupons. ( ;) and a nod to my hubby for my papers)
2 CVS pretzels .79 cents each
3 G2 Gatorades 1.49 each
6 Propel waters on closeout .40 cents each (3 not shown)
2 Aussie products 2.99 each
2 Maybelline foundations 8.99 each
1 2pk energy shots 3.99
3 Soft and Dri Deod .99 cents each
5 Right Guard Deod .99 cents each
1 playtex 3.99
2 colgates 2.99 each
1 garnier face wipes 5.99
2 bic soliel razors 5.99 each
1 King size Hershey 1$
2 Phillips headphones 6.98 each
2 altoids 1.50 each
regular total 78.24
- coupons =43.59
paid cash 28.88 oop
earned 74.33 in ECBs
amazing right.?
I love FREE stuff and I'm so thankful for it.
I love all the products i was able to buy yesterday
they are my favorites, except the BICs, but I totally
made money on those, so i'll just give them to my friends
who like them. maybe they'll do a swap with me, once the
venus goes on major sale again?
Do you think I got a SWEET deal? Did you get any deals to
be THANKFUL for on Thanksgiving or BF?
Good luck to you.
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Someone threw off my GROOVE at CVS

I messed up today. What was supposed to be 4
transactions, somehow got lumped into 3. This
really made a difference on my OOP. ugh.

1st time: This should have been 2 transactions with what
I was planning to earn ECB wise
3 pkg duracell batteries...21.77
1 Lorea'l AgePerfect...15.99
2 Revlon Nail Polishes...4.99BOGO
coupons used:
3x .75 duracell Q
2$ Lorea'l Q
2$ Revlon Q
PAID 4.27 ECBs, and 35.21 OOP
earned $15(duracell) and $15.99(Lorea'l) ECBs

2nd time other card...
1 Lorea'l...15.99
6 Kleenex...1.49 and BOGO
total: 20.46
coupons used
2$ Lorea'l Q
2x .50 Kleenex/wyb 3
PAID 19.05 OOP
earned $15.99 ECBs (Lorea'l)

3rd time:
3 pkg duracell
total: 21.77
coupons used:
3x .75 duracell
PAID 15.99 ECB(from previous trans.)
3.98 OOP
earned $15 ECBs(duracell)

I think I'm set on batteries for Christmas...woohoo
I walked out of the store with lots of ECBs
15.99 Lorea'l

Learn from my mistake...please.
but the Kleenex is a killer deal.
I paid .57 cents each.
doesn't sound too killer, but they're
the ones with lotion in them....
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Friday, November 14, 2008

WAGS with a Friday $5 off of $20

2 separate transactions.
The first:
1 Lorea'l Pro-Age 14.99 Free after Rebate
1 Almay Mascara 6.99 Free after Rebate
1 Revlon Sheer Powder Blush closeout 5.29
total 27.27
- $2 Walgreens Lorea'l Q
- $1 Almay Q
- $2 Revlon Q
- $5/20 Walgreens Q
new total: 19.53
paid 17.59 with GCard
paid 1.94 OOP
Earned 22$ in Rebate.

The Second Transaction:
1 20oz Cherry Coke 1.49
3 Jif Creamy Peanut Butter 3/5$
2 Carefree Pantyliners .99 each
1 Small Honey Bear 1.00
3 Libby Pumpkins .99 each
3 Gifts for Xmas for Kids 12.97 total
total 25.46
-.76 soda Q
-.35 Jif Q x 3
-1$/2 Carefree Q
- $5/20 Walgreens Q
new total: 18.54

so this is how my brain works...I paid 1.94 OOP (cash) and earned 22$ for next months deals.
Thanks Walgreens.
Paid on OOP

the $5/20 Coupon is only good for Today 11/14 and tomorrow 11/15.
You can use it as many times as you want. But only 1 per transaction. and it has to be the last coupon scanned.
good luck, if you go!
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

2 more days- FREE $5 Starbucks have a chance to win!

I'm bummed about how most of the Day went yesterday.
The first half of my props and my President didn't go the way I wanted. So, like McCain said, paraphrasing, of course, "we need to back President Elect Obama, and stand together as a nation. Rally together." Isn't McCain so gracious and PRESIDENTIAL? Hmmmm?
I wonder what CHANGE will cost? or mean? I'm a little nervous, and like my Friend, Lauren, I will start praying that Obama will be able to make good decisions for the people of America.

And, here's your chance to enter a giveaway for a FREE $5 Starbucks giftcard.
Visit this CUTE BLOG and enter the giveaway. Good luck.
Hope you have a SWEET day.

12 FREE dog food cans! SWEET!

I visited my local Walmart...and this is what I
2 hooded zip sweatshirts=15.00
1 bag of Dogfood=4.68
12 cans of Mighty Dog=FREE after coupons
1 pumpkin pot holder=1.00
1 halloween bandana=1.00
4 Dove Bodywashes- trial sizes=free + overage after coupons
1 pumpkin cookie cutter=1.23
3 johnson's buddy bars=FREE after coupons
1 black 8x10 picture frame=2.00
4 ouchless headband packs=1.42
TOTAL for the trip=36.89
I think this is pretty great for all the dog food plus
the halloween sweatshirts.
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