Thursday, August 6, 2009

cookin', roastin' and chillin' this summer.

I'm sorry there are no pics. my camera is OUT OF ORDER.
I have been cooking like crazy this summer. New recipes galore.
It's been interesting and so fun.
I posted some of these new recipes onto my friends' new
recipe blog. You should go check it out.
Last night, I made a new breaded chicken tender recipe, and
everyone gobbled it up, even my picky 9 YO. (she even asked
for seconds. lol) I've posted that one on the blog too...

We've also been roastin'! I mean, man, is it hot this summer.
and chillin' by the pool. and we've also been chillin' with our
homemade popsicles and sno cones.
go get yourself a sno cone maker. You can probably find them on
clearance just about now at your target or walmart. This is the summer
clearance season, you know.
good luck, and have a great REST of the summer.