Monday, October 27, 2008

What do you stockpile?

Here's my biggest cabinet. Top shelf are some
cleaning products. basically what's opened and
being used...up high so my smallest won't get
into it.
2nd shelf-handsoaps
3rd shelf- deodorants and baby stuff
4th shelf-TEETH
5th shelf-Shampoo and conditioners, including
some baby shampoo
6th shelf-body wash, bars of soap and 1 shower
cleaner refill

This is one shelf in my closet. Left- face wash,
next is lotions, then face wipes and glade candles.

One more of my spots in my closet.
top shelf TP, hair color, kleenex
Middle shelf- women's personal care
bottom shelf- forgot to stock- Diapers.
I have another spot in my room of diapers,
just forgot to reload for the picture.
underneath that shelf, you might be
able to see a gray bin...
this is loaded with food. granola bars,
fruit by the foots and cheerios mixes.
I hide these so my kids can't have them
whenever they want. There's another bin
right to the left of the picture that's filled
with Cereals.
here's my stockpile numbers as of this morning:
32 handsoaps
18 shampoo
14 conditioner
20 toothbrushes
33 toothpastes
19 pads
5 tampons - 2 of those are mega
20 deodorants
15 bodywashes
5 mouthwashes
20 babywashes
19 Johnson's buddy bars
6 bars of soap
3 kids shampoo
17 facial cleansers
14 lotions
11 Hair color
15 Bathroom cleansers
8 Kleenex
4 12pk of TP (not a lot, surprisingly)

my last picture. Under the kids sink. see all my
johnson buddy bars...that's my favorite thing to
Did I miss anything... do you wanna see something
that I didn't share?
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a SWEET trip to good ol' Walmart

Ok. a few impulse buys. I must admit.
1 Frying pan-7$
1 purple TShirt for me-3$
2 Halloween carving saws?-2$
4 dove beauty bars-3.88$
2 dove hairsprays-1.86$
6 dove shamp.cond.-5.82$
6 kotex liners-donation-6.00$
4 Febreeze noticables 23.88$
First total 54.02
after 41.75 coupons
new total= 16.41

pretty good right. since the first 3 items=
12$ was impulsive.
i'd say GR8!
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Monday, October 20, 2008

another SWEET CVS deal

I forgot to get the free I went
back and used my other card, so i could get more
6 johnsons buddies for my DD-5.94-6.00 coupons
2 brachs candy corn
1 powerade
1 BLACK nailpolish for my DD
5 back and body EXCEDRIN=9.95-10.00 coupons
5 extra strength EXCEDRIN=9.95-10.00 coupons
TOTAL: 10.37 OOP
total saved: 56.50
plus i recieved ECBs for
brachs candy-2.58
THAT'S a lot of EXCEDRIN. We need back and
body at our house...
What do you think?
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CVS baby and Halloween DEAL

here's the low-down:
1 huggies diapers-9.99
2 huggies wipes -5.58-.50 Q(2)= 4.58
6 Johnsons Baby wash-17.94-3.00 Q(2)=11.94
2 brachs candy corn -2.58
2 glow lights - 1.982 jack o' lanterns -1.98
1 binder(impulse)-3.99
total =37.04-10 ECBs=27.04 OOP
ECBs earned
10$ for diaper deal
2.58 for brachs candy
1.98 for jacks
1.98 for glow lights
I turned around and bought another pack of
diapers=9.99 with the 10$ ecb earned and a pack of
M&Ms=.79 (not shown. ate 'em already)= 1.58 OOP
I think I did pretty good. that's a lot of baby wash.
(It's the only one my FUSSY 6 yr old will use.)
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Drugstore Diva- 1 SWEET WAGS deal!

4 crest toothpastes
2 oral b toothbrushes
used 3/10 WAGS coupon (at my store this week only)
used 2 Manu Qs for toothbrushes-2.00
used IVC -4.00 for Toothpaste
used 4 Manu Qs for toothpaste-3.00
they handed 1 Q back. I guess it wouldn't work.
so I paid
OOP: 1.13$
I think this was a pretty sweet deal.

What I learned?
used toothpaste and toothbrushes as fillers
instead of as a whole transaction themselves...

Want to see more Drugstore Savings?
Visit the "Cent"sible Sawyer's Drugstore Divas!
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Monday, October 13, 2008

CVS trippin' for Candy only

not a big deal. but the good thing about this deal is that there's no limit.
GOTTA LOVE a SWEET deal like that.
2 bags of Mars candy for 3$.
Used $1/2 coupon from 10/12 Insert
used 1 ECB
total= 1.08
for 2 bags of fun size skittles. NOT bad. I guess.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I love my WAGS deals.

4 bags Fun size M&Ms=4/1.00 after Rebates and coupons
3 shouts=.75 after rebates and coupons
4 glade odor Carpet cleaners=.50cents overage. money maker
after rebates and coupons
6 windex= .75 cents after rebates and coupons
6 scrubbing bubbles= .75 cents after rebates and coupons
1 energy shots= free after rebate
2 glade candles- free after rebate and coupons
8 glade plug ins= free after rebate and coupons
2 glade refills= free after rebate and coupons

total of 4.75$ for all of this. Oh, but I used another 3/10 WAGS coupon
because my store is new...
so really 1.75$ for all of this....WOW! I'm even amazed at this.


you should really check out this website! They are the best!

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