Thursday, February 26, 2009

Current stockpile

Here's my inside freezer. I hate how small it is,
but we can't bring our own in, we have to use what
is given to us...see all the bags on the bottom shelf...
those are grapes...5 gallon sized bags, also green onions,
and celery. all Frozen for another day, oh and there are
strawberries and 2 big bags of peppers.

This is under my kids bathroom. If I buy some
little shelves, I may do more in here. I was worried
the Toby would tear it apart, but so far he hasn't.

These are just my razor. None of my hubbies,
which he actuallyd doesn't I guess I have
more hidden in the drawers to the left. I'll take a pic
of all the deodorants. I have tons of those.
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My current stockpile...continued

Here's my pantry. I only have one door
on it unfortunately...and it looks a little
messy, but I know where everything
is...thanks to my friend, JOY.

Here's a better shot of the right side,
and the many boxes of food.

I actually have a ton of cleaning supplies,
but I forgot to take that picture. There's
a shelf above my Washer/Dryer...filled.
This is my cupboard in my laundry room.
I am getting a little low on hand soaps.
need a great deal at CVS like last summer.

Here's my toothpaste, glade stuff and
shampoos are on the bottom.
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It's a family ate brocolli

I made Chicken Divan, a dish I grew up
eating as a kid and loving, even though
I hate brocolli.
But, I made it tonight, and look,
an almost empty pan. WooHoo.
Thanks for being supportive, Hubby!
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some well expressed thoughts on stock piling

I visit this blog periodically, and thought I'd share this with all of the newbies, or not newbies. There is a lot of good info here. Good luck to you in all of your shopping endeavors!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Go get yourself some FREE foil

at WAGS this week, there is a Store Coupon for .89 for 20sq ft foil. Reynolds FOIL!
Use that store Q with this rolling Q and you got yourself some FREE foil. make sure
you buy something else in the transaction, since it actually creates .11 overage.
I bought some of the clorox RR deal. 2 Clorox for 6$- earns you 2RR, and I had 2x.75 Qs.
good luck.
I didn't buy them out, so go and get some!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I ran to WAGS this AM with my Toddler, who did great, by the way.
And did 4 transactions. I had a few NEEDS, so I rolled the 6RR wyb Venus
into FREE money for my NEED items.

Trans 1
1 Venus
1 Choc Milk for toddler
used Venus manu Q
8.69 OOP earned 6RR

Trans 2
1 cheez its on clearance 1.69
2 noodles clearanced 1.09 each
1 spaghetti noodles cl. 1.09
2 cans chicken 2/3.00
paid 6 RR and 2.xx OOP

Trans 3
1 Venus
used Venus manu Q
paid 7.69 OOp
earned 6RR

Trans 4
2 gallons milk 2.49 each
1 choc milk 1.00
2 Huggies wipes 2/5.00
used .75 manu Q for wipes
paid 6RR and 4.23 OOP

I think I did pretty good
23.11 OOP

what do you think about my SWEET deal?
don't you hate buying Milk and baby wipes.
my kiddo hates off brand wipes, cries and
seems to be in pain, so I gotta stick to huggies least they were kinda on sale....

Friday, February 6, 2009

quick 3 transaction trip at CVS

From Left to Right...
Trans 1
2 99cent TP
2 L'oreal Revitalift 5.99 each
paid 10 ECBs and .31 cents OOP
earned 10 ebs.

Trans 2
2 CVS Kleenex 1.29 each
2 L'oreal Revitalift 5.99 each
paid 10 ecbs and .91 cents OOP
earned 10 ecbs

Trans 3
1 CVS Kleenex 1.29
2 Kitchen Trash bags 6.99 each
Paid with 10 ecbs
3/15 Q
2.54 OOP

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