Monday, December 15, 2008

Sincere Apology for the Lack of Posts lately

I am truly sorry that I haven't been sharing any deals of any sorts lately.
We are right smack in the middle of a quick move, right before Christmas,
and what's worse is my kids are now off-track. So they are right at my feet
most of the day...
Makes it a little difficult to pack.
The truth is I haven't been shopping face the only shopping I've
really done is Christmas.
I've needed bread for a week, and still haven't made it to the store...
I did run into CVS, so my 6 yr old DS could buy a toy with his money he'd
been saving. So I did sneak in one deal...
3 LG EXCEDRIN...used no Qs, as I was totally unprepared.
Paid with my FLEX card...
and earned 10$
I have so much money to still spend on my FLEX...
I was just trying to spend a quick 50...
truth is, I didn't even know about the Excedrin deal, since I haven't
even paid attention to the ads.
I'll post again once I've moved, and am shopping again.
Merry Christmas...and happy shopping.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Leave it to Disney to be so expensive!

But, look at this sweet photo my
hubby took of me. He set it all up,
wouldn't let me look at the setup
until the pic was taken. how sweet,
All coupons are special.
have a great week!
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