Monday, September 28, 2009

What deals do you like to take advantage of?

I love me a SWEET deal! and last week, at my Ralphs,
#5 bag of potatoes were on sale for .68cents. this is the
absolute CHEAPEST I've ever seen potatoes
the 18 months I've been coupon shopping.
So, I bought 4 bags.....
This morning, I baked 2 bags and made twice
baked potatoes to store in my freezer. Thanks to my
friend, Jill, for this idea a year ago. I do it every time
I can buy cheap potatoes.

What deals do you really STOCK UP on and freeze?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ralphs mega event

for all my so-cal peeps...
Ralphs is doing a mega event this week
thru 9/22.
Buy 10 save 5$.
There were 2 items I was REALLY
excited about.
Capri-Suns are 99cents after the -5$
i used a few 1$/3 blinkies that i got last week,
on that aisle and ended up getting
10 boxes for 7$
Also, Wheat thins and triscuits are 1.49 after the -5$
i couldn't find a Q for this, but this is a great price...

Good luck to you.
Go find your great deals...
I use and

slow Cooker Orange Chicken-YUM

Oh, I am so trying this Recipe. It looks so good.
Friday night dinner. all i have to buy is the frozen
OJ. I'll let you know how it goes. We LOOVEE
a little panda at our house, so this could be a
way cheaper version.

Friday, September 11, 2009

done a lot of cooking lately...

just keep forgetting to post anything about it.
this pic was prepped food for our camping trip
last weekend.
I made homemade mac n cheese, a crockpot full
of chicken for sandwiches and such and a pasta
I've decided a bag of chicken with salt, pepper,
and 1 can of chicken broth is a great idea. I put
it in tupperware, and when I get hungry and nothing
sounds good, I have myself a chick sammy. and my
HUBBY lOvEs them...yay for me!