Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wanna share your expired coupons, instead of throwing them away?

My friends, Julie, Jennifer and I love to SAVE BIG, and have been looking for this info, so we can help others save big, too. So glad that FromWagstoRiches shared this with us. MyPreciousPennies has the 411.
(isn't that the cutest blog name?)
Go check it all out, you can help others SAVE BIG, too.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wanna Sneak Peek at the coupons that come on Sunday?

I know you wanna see them...that way you know just how many papers you have to go out and get as extras! I just found this, I've never seen it before, shows how even 6 month newbies (that's me) still find new ways to win this game! Go HERE to check out what comes this week. I'm so excited. Thanks to The Coupon Clippers for the info. You're SWEET!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

CVS tonight

There is a great Kimberly-Clark deal this week.
Buy 25$ worth of kleenex, Viva PaperTowels, Cottonelle Toilet Paper, kotex and more...see ad at www.iheartcvs.com for more info.
I had a great emailed coupon 5/30$. So I went to town...
I bought
2 big packs of Viva's 6.49 each
2 big packs of cottonelle 12 rolls each 5.99 each
6 kleenex at 77cents each
and 1 anytizer at 3.50
Used 5/30$
2 Viva .50 coupons
2 cottonelle .50 coupons
and 2 .50 cents off wyb 3 kleenex
Paid with 4.99 ECB
19.xx oop
and earned 10 ECBs
not bad, i think...
for need items...

There's only 1 more week of the 2/10$ coupon. So run out
and use it as much as possible.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

CVS Q for this weekend only

I checked my coupon email account, and low and behold there was a 5off/30$ coupon for this weekend only.
Go check out your email, to see if you have one too.
Combine with 2/10$ and 2/10$ CVS brand coupon, you could get some pretty SWEET deals.
Good luck.
I'll post my deals, as soon as I go.
go to www.Dealseekingmom.com
or www.couponcravings.com
or www.thecentsiblesawyer.blogspot.com
for more SWEET CVS deals this weekend.

You gotta find a Bread Store

My husband is a little picky about his bread. We really only buy Orowheat...So a while ago, my friend Julie and I found a bread store, and we decided to go again yesterday. (It's in Murrieta, for those of you that live in So. Cal, somewhere near me. It's on Jefferson Street. I'm trying to find the phone number or address for you, but thus far, NO LUCK. ) We TRAVELED, yes I said traveled, about 25 miles away, Freeway the whole way, to go to the Orowheat Outlet. You really gotta find one of these in your area. You get a stamp for every dollar you spend, and when you fill your card up you get 2 free items, plus there is usually a double stamp day...meaning you get double the stamps per dollar you spend. Of course we went on a double-stamp day... our's are Wednesday and Sunday...
I bought 6 loaves of Orowheat Buttermilk, 2 loaves of 7 grain Orowheat, 8 mini loaves of Orowheat Buttermilk (these are only like 4 slices short of a regualar loaf, and more than half the price off) 1 box of Entemann's donuts 99cents, 1 pkg Orowheat Hamb. Buns=24.64
1 free orowheat white sandwich bread
1 free Entemann's Raspberry Danish FOR MEEEE!
20 items for 24.64

*I didn't get a picture before re-organizing my Freezer and puting it all away. But trust me when I say, it takes up almost 1 whole shelf...all for bread. yipee.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My FIRST post

Welcome to my new blog...for all of my brags and highlights of all the shopping trips to CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Ralphs, Vons and Stater Brothers...there may be more than this...you never know.
I'm just getting started so bear with me.
This is all for fun, and just so I have a place to brag, so all the good deals don't congest my family blog.
Go there sometime, if you wanna see my cute family.
Happy Shopping, and like I always say...
"May the FORCEs be with you...."