Thursday, April 30, 2009

SWEET deals at VONS/Safeway

Do any of you get those great big
SAVINGS postcards sent right to your home
mailbox, like I do?
Here is my list-
3 capn crunch 3/5$
1 Capri Sun 1.99
1 Scrubbing bubbles 2Q
4 Sierra Mist- 2 were free thanks to this printable
4 Diet Cherry Pepsis .99 each
4 boxes pasta 4/5$
4 rice a ronis .75 each
1 mission tortilla chips .88 w/Q
1 FREE sloppy joe can
1 FREE 24 oz Salsa
1 FREE French Bread
2 cans Mandarin oranges .79 each
1 Pineapple Apricot preserves 2.99
(only Jam my boys will eat. that's what happens
when you live with Grandpa when you're a baby:))
1 FREE whole cooked chicken
2.56 lbs bananas 1.25
2 Sara Lee bagels 2/5$
2 sandwich bags 2/4$
1 Cream cheese 2.19
2 orville red. popcorn BOGO + coupon 2.50?
1 Hamburger buns .39
4 Mission tortillas 1.25 each
4 lbs of Mexican cheese 2.50/lb
2 Fresh Express Salads .90 each
3 lbs yellow onion 1.69 w/Q
3lbs of hamb 2.97
4lbs hamb 6.06-3$ Q
tub of ICE Cream 5.59
used 2 10$ off coupons
total 57.03
saved 102.00
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wanna win a GR8 Giveaway from All Things Frugal 4 U

I love this girl and her blog. I go there very regularly, like everyday.
She saves so much money, and has given me some great ideas and ways
to keep more money in my pocket...She has a UBER cute giveaway this
week, finishing on Saturday morning. So go take a peek HERE. You have 4 easy
ways to WIN!

Monday, April 27, 2009

FREE CHICKEN at El Pollo Loco Tomorrow 4/28

You can bet I'll be here with my hubby and 2yo tomorrow for lunch.
All we'll have to buy is drinks and 1 side to share. YUM.
go check it out. Who doesn't like FREE CHICKEN?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ralphs SWEET deals for 4/22-4/28

There are a lot of SWEET deals this week at
Ralphs. I had my 2YO and only wanted to go
in to get FREE butter this AM, so this is what I
5 goldfish- 99cents each
5 challenge butter-1$ each used 2 .50 cent Qs doubled.
also used 1 .50 cent coupon and 2 .55 cent coupons=
total was 6.40
Go check out CouponMom for the full list.
Just go to the sidebar and click Grocery deals by
state...and it'll list it all for you...
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Check out this cool site...

On the Rachael Ray show today, this cute girl was talking about how she cut back on her grocery bill for her family by 50% because of the economy. She talked about couponing and how she saves money. She also has a list of over 200 meals for 5$ or less. So, go check her out.
5 Dollar Dinners


.04 cents at RALPHS.
1 4pk of Angel Soft 1.00
4 Quaker quakes .99 each
used 1 .50 cent q for TP- doubled
used 4 quaker 1.00 off q
making the total .04 cents.
We've been a little tighter than usual
lately, so i haven't been shopping much.
But, I had to go out and get my
FREEBIES today, before the sale ends.
Maybe more freebies tomorrow?

for you to do this you gotta be buying
your sunday newspapers. Don't forget.
I forgot to go out and get some extras
this week, and I'm so bummed.
I could've had 3 more FREE TPs in this
What are you doing to stretch your dollars
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Take a look at your local TARGET

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some Target findings...

Did you get your free bag today? It's only for today 4/19 Check it out here

I got mine...

while at the check out today, I noticed GUM on clearance. STRIDE and Trident, yummy flavors, for .74cents a pack. Use your $2/3 Coupon and get three packs for .24 cents each. I, unfortunatly, already used all of mine...the Mandarin Stride is REALLY good. just a heads up.

also, Lays Stax were 1$, which is a normal price point, just hadn't seen them that low in a while, so I picked up a few.

on another Target note, I bought the Target brand pop tarts today, and the kids like them just the same as the Kellogs brand. so I saved .78 cents just by buying a store brand today. since there weren't any pop tart coupons to use...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A New EASTER sweet

While I made dinner, my 2 oldest
made a GREAT attempt at tomorrows Sweet Treat.

daughter did white chocolate, son did the M&Ms
we melted white choc chips and spooned them onto
the pretzels, cuz by the time we made it to the
cake supply store, they were closed. so, we
IMPROVISED, and I think it's totally gonna work.

The finished product.
Thanks to Polk-a-dot Apron's blog.
Love this blog. They share so many cute
ideas to do with your family. This definetly
killed some time while I made dinner,
then after dinner we had the rest the night
to color eggs.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Entenmann's Outlet update

How do you think I did?
4 loaves sandwich bread country white
9 loaves of NICE bread Buttermilk
9 pkg Eng. Muffins- assorted
3 pkg French rolls
1 honey bear
1 pkg whole wheat pita bread
1 choc cake
1 pop 'ems donuts
2 small chocolates for kiddos
Total cost 39.xx
31! better than I thought.
that works out to like 1.25 each item. WOWZERS!
really, go check out to see if you have an
outlet near you. for all you so cal peeps...mine
is in Temecula off of Murrieta Hot Springs on the
15. Wednesday and Sunday are double stamp days.
Notice it is not Wednesday...we went a day early
in case it rains buckets tomorrow. so we didn't
get all our stamps, but you know, some days it works
and some days it doesn't.
Gotta go with the flow, you know?
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Who ate all the Entenmann's?

My friend, Jennifer, called me last night asking if I'd like to go with her and do a run to the bread outlet. It's far for us, like 35 min on the Freeway, and we really need to go to the Girl Scout store in the same city anyway, so it'd be worth the trip. My hubba hubba LOVES Orowheat bread and since I can get it so cheap there, I thought "I'M IN!"

Though my outlet doesn't show up here, you should check this website out and see if you have an outlet close to you...find out if they have double stamp days, and what those days are...Doesn't all the food look yummy?

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Version of Easter in a Vase

Starburst Jelly beans 3 bags=1.50
1 pkg of yellow peeps .39cents
cute ribbon 1$
1 hydreanga bush 3.99
total 6.88
oh, the pitcher/vase I already had.
so cute, a little too tall...I sort of did a
copy of what I saw in the All You Mag.
this month. My attempt to be CRAFTY.
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I hit the MOTHERLOAD at Ralphs

I hit the clearance-stuff expiring motherload
on Saturday at Ralphs.
4 Horizon Choc Milks- 1$ each
1 Apple 1.49
2 egg kits 2/3$
2 energy eff. light bulbs .29cents each
2 bags of rolls 1$ each
1 orowheat w/Q 1.79
1 Hot dog buns 1$
1 Organic carrots .49cents
1 organic chives .49cents
Mission wraps for dinner- full price at 3.99
total was 20.24
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Friday, April 3, 2009

LOOK! I'm "Suzie Homemaker"

WooHoo! don't they look delish!
I mean what's better than homemade
blueberry muffins...look at the right tray...
Bursted Blueberries...yummmmm!
thanks for peeking at my blog.
I've never made muffins before, except 1 or
2 batches of cupcakes...but they taste pretty good.
I got the recipe from my ALL YOU magazine
this month. It seemed so easy so I tried. You
should really check out this magazine...not only
does it have cute crafts and yummy recipes...
it's CHALK FULL of coupons too. Worth more
than the 2.00 each month to buy it.
It's my fave magazine next to Family Fun.
and you can order it for cheap here...first 2
months FREE!
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

do you need new Sippy cups, for free...see this giveaway

I found THIS cute blogger today through a friends blog and thought she was so cute.
I could always use new sippies, so I signed up for the giveaway. If you're interested too,
go check her out, and sign up.
Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cheap Johnsons at Target!

Thanks to Shellie for the head's up.
found a FULL target cart of Aveeno and
Johnson and Johnson for 2.54 each.
My picky 6 YO will only use the Head to Toe
wash, so with the 1$ Off Printable
and the .75 Target Q
I was able to get 4 for 3.16 plus tax.
How sweet.
Good luck getting yourself some.
I'm gonna go back tonight to grab me some
gotta get some Aveeno's now too.
Thanks again Shellie.

Last minute QUICKIE to RALPHS

these are my fave's from last night's trip.
Jelly beans ended up .50cents each
butter=1.85 each
2 rubbermaids=FREE
I also got:
2 loaves bread
6 Capn Crunch
2 Brownie mix
total was 20.21
Saving 51.90
I saved 72%
Look here for the newest deals so
you can be saving money like me...
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