Monday, June 8, 2009

what do YOU freeze?

this morning on a small trip to Henry's I bought
canteloupe..2 of them, which is A lot for me.
My 2YO and I are the only ones in the fam that
will eat them. (they were 2/1$)
so I came home and started cutting them up...
wow! but it was too much canteloupe.
so I wondered, could I FREEZE canteloupe?
I always freeze grapes, chives, peppers, onions,
strawberries, celery, broccoli,
and even bananas, so, looked it up...and there
you have it! You can freeze canteloupe. I'm so excited
to find other fruits and veggies to freeze.
That way I can stockpile on more fresh produce when
it's super cheap.

I'm really interested...
*What do you freeze?

SIDE NOTE: I wash and prep (cut)
the fruits and veggies before freezing.
today I cut 5 onions, 4 green peppers and
2 canteloupe. also, freezing 2lbs red grapes.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

a new name for us....

penny Stretchers!
These are ways i stretch my pennies...
I know they aren't grand, but they are mine!
* we eat left overs
* i clip, print and use coupons
* if we eat out, it's usually off the $ menu or
kids eat free nights.
*we carpool with Daddy to save 1 car payment, car ins. and
registration, though this does make our gas bill a
little higher
* we turn off lights when not in use
*turn off air most mornings at the house
*up'd my text plan, so I wouldn't go over anymore
*stockpile on main ingredients and snacks for my
fam so I won't have to buy them at regular prices,
very often...sometimes I miscalculate
* don't rent movies unless they are FREE at redbox
* swap babysitting with a friend, so we don't pay for a sitter
* all my boys get HOME haircuts all the time
* turn off water while brushing teeth
***And MOST Importantly***
*Get all the FREE stuff I can get that my family
will actually use, ...cuz it's FREE!
What do you do that's not on the list? I'd love to
do more to stretch pennies....Help me, please?

Lovin' VONS this week

this is the second and third time I did these deals...
some Cereals-coco puffs, lucky charms and honey
nut cheerios are 4/6$ with vons Coupon- added
my own 1$ off/3 from 5/31 Paper making them
Nature Valley Granola 4/6$ with vons coupon
used 2 .75ent off coupons from 5/31 paper
totalling 4/4.25$
also 3rd time for Pepsi/doritos Deal
buy 1 doritos at 2.99 get 2 20oz Pepsi for FREE
+ 1$ off. no coupon necessary. just swipe your
vons card.
all this for 9.45
love it.
gonna go do it again later...
go grab your goodies, before they're GONE

****SIDE NOTE****
you gotta try these new doritos.
they are SOOO good.
Tastes like you're eating
yummy taco salad all wrapped
up in ONE chip...

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